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Combining solar and battery storage has reached the forefront of the latest buzz surrounding this industry, and you should know why.

If you have purchased a solar pv system for your home, or if you are thinking of going green in the near future, considering adding on a battery storage device will help you for a number of reasons.  The technology is quite simple, and is similar to the batteries that can be found in many of the devices you currently use day-to-day.  As this technology improves with better parts, and smoother functionality, costs of these home storage systems will continue to decline making it easier for homeowners to make the addition.  It has never been as efficient, or cost effective, as it is now to add battery storage to your existing solar pv system.  Let’s take a look why. 

First, combining storage with your pv solar system allows users to benefit from saved solar power at night.  Meaning no need to pull from the grid when the sun goes down.  Also, storing this power allows for optimized consumption when energy from the grid is at its peak in terms of price, such as morning time. 

In addition, you probably want to benefit from your solar power when the grid goes down.  With a traditional solar system, night outages will leave you in the dark without a battery storage device.  While the rest of your neighborhood is struggling with candles and generators, you can rest easy knowing your solar power is stored for your family during these specific times.  Your home can now be classified as self-sufficient, and theoretically you could go completely off-grid.

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